‘Pancake Rocks’ – Greymouth

A few photographs taken at Pancake Rocks, just outside Greymouth.  So called because of the strange layered effects.image


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A few more pics….. on the way to Franz Josef


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On the move again!

We are on the move again, now in Wanaka!  We are turning into New Age Travellers – ha! – but the scenery is stunning everywhere we go.  I managed to survive a flight in a four seated aircraft over The Milford Sound, which was a ‘must do’.  It was a little hair raising, not to mention cramped, but hey ho – I am having real problems with internet here in Wanuka.  Dead slow wifi unfortunately.  Will try again later!

image imageimage

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Te Anau……

We are now in Te Anau, having travelled down from Queenstown, a journey that took us a couple of hours.  We are now in our next stop for the night, a motel on the edge of a lake.

The weather is just a little drizzly.  We are hoping it will clear for tomorrow as we have booked a fly/cruise/fly trip over the Milford Sound.

imageimageimageFeet up for an hour with a cup of coffee…..

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We are now in Wellington for one night before we fly to Queenstown, having left Wanganui this morning.  I have to keep working out what day it is!  The Maori place names don’t stick in my mind, and I have to resort to looking them up in the travel guide all the time.

Wanganui was an interesting place, and had a bit of a Deco feel to it, like Napier.  Lots of street cafés and restaurants, galleries and shopping areas.  There is a very relaxed feel to a lot of the places we have visited.

Here are some photographs taken in Wanganui….




There is a cyclone heading this way apparently, so fingers crossed for our flight tomorrow!


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Napier, an Art Deco town

Today we drove around eighty miles from where we are staying here in Taupo Lake, to Napier for the day.  The drive down was spectacular, the scenery is so huge, with mountains all around us.

Napier has a number of Art Deco buildings from the 1930s.  imageimageimage

We stopped for lunch, and another photo opportunity. I took a photograph of himself, carefully framed to obliterate his adventure sandals, a family joke.  After I took it I realised he is standing under a signpost for the conveniences!

imageSome more photographs then of Napier-


imageScenery, amazing scenery……

imageimageimageApparently there is a cyclone heading this way!

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We’ve made it from Hong Kong!  A comfortable, albeit long journey.  We stayed at the Langham Hotel in Auckland for two nights, which gave us time to recover (slightly) before heading south.

We are spending two nights in Taupo by the lake, in a motel this time.  Good old Trip Advisor – we have our own hot pool, Sky and wifi –  and home made cookies on our arrival.  What more could we wish for?

A few photos then…..imageimageimageimageimage

imageThe shire horses were at a seaside area called Devonport, which has an old world, retro feel to it.  We were carried around the old streets by Ernie, Skye and Star!  We took the ferry from Auckland Harbour to Devonport, only 12 minutes on the boat.

The landscape photographs were taken on the road down to Taupo.  They haven’t come out particularly well, not sure why.

I am off to do some washing in the little launderette now.  Laundry is much more exciting the other side of the world!











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Peninsula Hotel – afternoon tea…..

A safe trip to Hong Kong, for just two nights before moving on to New Zealand.  Afternoon tea at the Peninsula Hotel was a welcome break after lots of walking around the city.image

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Shall we have some photographs of bright colours to cheer ourselves up?  I am still hookin’ away here at the homestead, with the production of crochet blankets ever continuing.  Lots of popping bright colours are the order of the day then.

Here we go….image

image imageCoo, look at the length of that!  I like the way that as you add each new colour, the look completely changes.  I also like a bit of the old clashing colours!  Do you like my Ones and Twos?  I have a thing for brogues at the moment.imageimage

This brightly coloured thingy I finished a couple of months ago. i was busy working away on it en route back from Singapore and the (male) steward, watching me making one of the hexagon blocks, remarked ‘nice coasters’.  Huh!


I think these are called ‘Foo Dogs’.  Obviously nowt to do with crochet, but continuing the colourful theme. ……  they came home from Singapore.  Love ‘em or loathe ‘em!


And lastly, detail from a mixed media picture by a local artist.  Acrylics and collage, and masses of detail.  image image

While I have been sitting here the sun has appeared!

Enjoy your day!





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Listen?   I can’t hear the wind.  Nothing is moving outside.  It is still!


The sun is shining.

At the moment!



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